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Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar1

In 2013 the famous sports car producer Lamborghini will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. The background is filled with remarkable ideas and innovations, let alone awesome designs which are often way preceding their time. If what we’re hearing is true, Lamborghini could possibly be planning on giving itself a very nice present. The long and fascinating history was the inspiration for the Lamborghini Ferruccio concept, a super car that originated from the company’s lineage, and in addition demonstrates the existing design language and revolutions of the company in their  exclusive style. Designer Mark Hostler tries to combine aspects of design language from a variety of  Lamborghini’s era. The considerably raked front screen and hood were inspired by the model of the Countach, as was the super-wide tail. The curvy shapes of the front and back wings were inspired by the sleek-rounded-feminine lines of the Miura. Finally, the pointed nose and mirrors, and aggressive air intakes throughout the body and roof get their ideas from Lamborghini’s current “stealth fighter” design.

Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar9

The Lambo’s flagship supercars has always been a large v12, but in the current climate consciousness, car manufacturers are now using smaller, turbocharged engines to meet emissions regulations without compromising on performance. The Lamborghini Ferruccio combines these two ideas, using upcoming technologies in engine design and manufacture. The concept car will use a v12, but a equally small 5.0 liter unit, powered by t turbochargers and taking advantage of direct injection. The real difference however, is that the engine would be more subtle, and moves its valves utilizing pneumatic solenoids operated by a computer. This mixture of technologies enables the Lamborghini Ferruccio’s engine to stick to the v12 Lamborghini philosophy, whilst being both environmental friendly and lower mileage than a traditional engine. While at a glance the super car looks like a Batman Car, The Lamborghini Ferruccio is designed to reflect both the past and future of Lamborghini, showing how  the company’s rich heritage and history meet with new design and technologies.

Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar1

Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar6

Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar8

Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar7

Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar3

Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar2

Lamborghini Ferruccio supercar4

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