Acura Announces 2024 Integra Type S with More Horsepower Than Civic Type R

Acura has announced that the 2024 Integra Type S will have more horsepower than its sibling, the Civic Type R. The turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine will produce 320 hp and 310 pound-feet of torque, 5 hp more than the Civic Type R.

Official Debut at Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach

The official debut of the 2024 Integra Type S will take place at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach during the weekend of April 14-16. Acura has released teaser photos of the modified bodywork of the Type S model, which has a wider body, larger wheels and tires, and a rear spoiler.

Teaser Video and Manual Transmission

A teaser video has also been released, featuring an enticing clip of the Type S’s exhaust note. Like the Civic Type R, the Integra Type S will only be offered with a six-speed manual transmission, and a limited-slip differential will be standard.

Acceleration Times at the Track

It is unclear how much the extra 5 hp will affect the Integra’s acceleration times at the track, where the Civic Type R achieved a 60 mph sprint of 4.9 seconds. However, car enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to test drive the latest Integra and see what it can do.