Futuristic Interior of Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2024!

Mercedes-Benz has given a preview of the interior of the upcoming sixth-generation 2024 E-Class. This article discusses the features that have been revealed so far, which are mainly related to the technological advancements in the car’s cockpit.

MBUX Infotainment System and Passenger Display

  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2024 Interior

The 2024 E-Class will use the latest third-generation MBUX infotainment system, which is an improvement over its predecessor. Like the EQS, the E-Class dash can be optioned with an additional display for the front passenger, which features content filtering. This allows the passenger to enjoy streaming content and games without distracting the driver. The driver’s eye movements are tracked, and if they drift over to the passenger screen, the content is obscured.

Entertainment and Productivity Features

When parked, the driver can make use of various entertainment options, such as games like Angry Birds, social media on TikTok, and a Vivaldi web browser. There is also the option to use Zoom to join meetings, and there is a built-in video and selfie camera atop the dash. Data transfer is also aided by 5G connectivity.

New Features: Routines and AI-generated Routines

Mercedes has introduced a new feature called “routines.” Users can select from several templates that can automatically activate seat heaters at a certain temperature along with the interior lighting. There’s even a Date Night routine that will set the mood with rose-colored lighting and slow music. In the future, Mercedes plans to include AI-generated routines based on the user’s habits.

Ambient Lighting and Audio System

The car’s interior ambient lighting can put on a light show for the occupants, matching the beat or smoother color transitions for low-key music, with the top Burmester premium audio system. The existing Energizing Comfort system gets an addition that pairs it with wearable monitors to detect stress levels and can activate relaxation and breath coaching to get you back to a more blissful state.


Mercedes plans to release the 2024 E-Class later this year in the US, and more features are expected to be revealed in the coming months. The car’s cockpit is set to be an evolution of the striking Hyperscreen found in the EQS sedan, with an abundance of new technology intended to enhance comfort, entertainment, and productivity.