How many Catalytic Converters are in a Ford F150?

Ford F150 truck is a quite popular vehicle in the United States. Due to its popularity, thieves prefer to steal catalytic converters from it. If you are an owner of a Ford F150, you might want to know how many catalytic converters are in a ford f150 and where are they placed.

How many Catalytic Converters are in a Ford F150?

In the latest generation of the Ford F150, Ford company is giving 2 3-way catalytic converters. The first catalytic converter is placed under the hood near the vehicle engine, and the second catalytic converter is placed under the vehicle.

Now, you might be thinking that why there are 2 catalytic converters in Ford F150. To understand this, you have to understand the working of Catalytic converters. Basically, a catalytic converter is a device that is used in vehicles to reduce the pollution which vehicles produced. It does not fully eliminate vehicle pollution, it only reduces vehicle pollution.

Car companies use more than 1 catalytic converter in vehicles, so they can reduce more pollution which vehicle produces. Toyota Tundra is the main competitor of the Ford F150 in the United States. Toyota is giving 3 catalytic converters in the new Toyota Tundra 2022.

There are 2 main types of catalytic converters. The first one is the 2-way catalytic converter and the second one is a 3-way catalytic converter. The 3-way catalytic converter is the latest type of catalytic converter and it is more advanced than 2-way catalytic converters. In Canada and USA, it was implemented in cars in 1981.

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Why do people steal catalytic converters from Ford F150?

There are 2 main reasons why people choose Ford F150 for catalytic converters stealing. The first reason is that it has a very good ground clearance. So, thieves go easily under the Ford F150 and steal the catalytic converter of Ford F150.

The second reason is that it has multiple catalytic converters. So, there is a high chance that the second catalytic converter is less used. In catalytic converters, there are 3 rare metals (Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium) that are very expensive. After stealing catalytic converters, thieves break catalytic converters and collect these metals and sell it in market around 130$.

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How to save catalytic converters of Ford F150?

Catalytic converter stealing is increasing day by day in United States. So, it is very important to save catalytic converters. There are many companies that are making safeguards for catalytic converters for Ford F150. Some companies are also make alarms and steel sheets for catalytic converters. You can use one of these things to safeguard your Ford F150 catalytic converters.