How to open the Trunk on a Ford Ecosport? | Simple Guide!

If you ever have a car, you might know how to open the car trunk. But, sometimes car trunk opening becomes difficult, because all car trunks are not opened in the same way. So, in this article, we will tell you how to open the trunk on a Ford Ecosport.

How to open the Trunk on a Ford Ecosport?

Usually, all cars have a button at the center of the trunk and a lever near to driver’s seat to open the trunk. But, the Ford Ecosport is a very different vehicle. It does not have any lever to open the trunk.

In Ford Ecosport, there is a button under the right backlight of the vehicle, when you press that button, the Ford Ecosport trunk will open. There are 4 variants of Ford Ecosport(S, SE,SES, Titanium), all the variants trunk are opened same way.

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Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport is a subcompact suv. It is the smaller version of the Ford Escape. It comes with a unique exterior design. Its front lights also look very different. Most people like this vehicle’s exterior design. The interior design of this vehicle is very elegant and modern. It has a head-up LCD screen which increases its dashboard beauty.

All the variants come with a 2.0L engine and automatic transmission. With this engine, this vehicle can give 23 MPG mileage in the city and 29 MPG mileage on the highway. This vehicle also has many good features. Below is the list of some highlighted features of Ford Ecosport.

  • Blind spot information system
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Voice-activated touchscreen navigation system
  • Hill start assist
  • Ford copilot 360
  • 4WD