How to tell if a vehicle has Active Fuel Management? | Simple Guide!

Bad fuel mileage in big vehicles like Pickup and SUVs is a very big issue. But in 2005, General Motors made Active fuel management for the big vehicles so those vehicles can give better fuel mileage. Now, you might want to know “How to tell if a vehicle has active fuel management?

How to tell if a vehicle has active fuel management?

General Motors made active fuel management for big engines like V6 and V8. So, if you have a vehicle from General Motor and that vehicle (vehicles that introduced after 2006) has a V6 or V8 engine, there are almost 100% chances that the vehicle has active fuel management.

In your vehicle, you might see an indicator of a V8 on the odometer. If that indicator changes between V4 and V8, it means active fuel management is on.

What is Active Fuel Management?

Active fuel management (AFM) is a system that uses in V6 and V8 engines. Basically, this system inactive half cylinders of an engine to increase the vehicle fuel mileage. You might know that a V8 engine has 8 cylinders, so when the active fuel management is on then vehicles run on 4 cylinders.

So, if you have a powerful vehicle that has a V8 engine and you feel that vehicle is not so powerful, the reason might be active fuel management. This system makes vehicles sluggish. It is one of the big disadvantages of an active fuel system. Sometimes due to this system, the vehicle’s engine also fails.

How to disable Active Fuel Management?

There are many devices available on the market that are used to disable the active fuel management systems in a vehicle. For example, Range Technology has a disabler device that people insert in the OBD port of a vehicle to disable active fuel management. You guys can use this device to disable your vehicle’s active fuel management.

What is Dynamic Fuel Management?

Dynamic fuel management (DFM) is an advanced version of active fuel management. It was introduced in 2019 and later models. This system has almost 17 patterns that are used to increase the fuel mileage of a vehicle. Basically, the pattern is active according to the driving style of a driver.