What is the Tesla Semi charging time? | Simple Guide!

Tesla’s semi-truck is one of the best inventions in the truck industry. Usually, people think trucks and buses only can come with engines these things can never come in electric versions. But, tesla company is changing everything with their semi-truck. So, many people want to know the tesla semi charging time. If you are one of them, don’t worry we will tell you all the important things related to tesla’s semi-truck.

What is the Tesla Semi charging time?

Tesla’s semi-truck is not delivered to any of their customers yet. This was unveiled in 2017. At this event, tesla company did not tell about its full charging but the company claimed that it can run 500miles with a single full charge.

According to Tesla company, if we charge the tesla semi for 30 minutes, it can run 400miles. It is 80% of 500miles, so the tesla semi can charge 80% of its battery in 30 minutes. This is the excellent charging time for a truck that can run faster than diesel trucks. Because it usually takes around 30 minutes to fill the tank of a diesel truck. Now, let’s talk about other things about the tesla semi-trucks.

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Tesla semi performance

The main highlight of tesla trucks is their performance. This truck has 4 independent motors that can produce massive horsepower and torque. Usually, diesel trucks have high torque and low horsepower. But, this truck has a high horsepower with high torque. (we don’t know the exact number of horsepower)

According to Tesla company, this truck (without weight) can go 0 to 60 miles in 5 seconds (it is a massive number compared to simple diesel trucks, diesel trucks (without weight) usually take 15 seconds to go 0 to 60 miles). With a maximum weight of 80k LBS, this truck can go 0 to 60 miles in 20 seconds which is an insane thing.

Now you might want to know how this truck performs on uphills. According to Tesla, on uphills, this truck can run at the maximum speed of 65 MPH (on uphills, diesel trucks usually can run at the maximum speed of 45 MPH).

Tesla Semi interior

Tesla Semi Interior
Tesla Semi Interior

Usually, trucks come with ugly interior designs and also come with old technology. So, most truck drivers don’t like the interior of trucks and they buy gadgets to do their logistic jobs (usually, some gadgets are not compatible with trucks so drivers use them separately, it’s kind of hectic for a driver).

In the tesla semi, you get a simple and futuristic design. Usually, tesla cars come with 1 huge touchscreen but tesla semi comes with 2 huge touchscreens. According to Tesla company, these touchscreens are compatible with logistic apps (due to this, this can make drivers’ life easier). The seat of driver is also located in the center which also makes it unique.

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Tesla Semi Truck efficiency and durability

According to Tesla company, with this truck, you can save $200000 within the first 3 years. This truck also has high speed, so by using this, you can save time and can do more work in less time. If you are doing logistics business, you should buy this truck. It can double your revenue.

If we talk about its durability According to the company, it is much more reliable than other trucks. That’s why tesla company is offering a 1 million miles motor warranty. According to Elon musk, if 2 of its motors stop working, still this truck can run with the same power which a diesel truck generates. We tried our best to tell you everything about the tesla truck. If you liked our article, please share it with your friends and family!