Why do people tap Tesla Charger?

On TikTok and Youtube, you might have seen many videos in which tesla owners tap the tesla charger on the car before charging their car. After watching those videos you might want to know why do people tap tesla charger.

Why do people tap tesla chargers?

On Tiktok and Youtube videos, many people claim they tap tesla chargers on cars because it tells cars to get ready for charging. On the other hand, many people claim they tap tesla chargers on cars because it helps cars to do fast charging. But, all of these things are myths. Tapping the tesla charger on a car doesn’t do anything. Most people do it because it looks fashionable and stylish.

If Don’t tap the tesla charger will not start charging?

In some Tiktok and Youtube videos, some people also show that if you don’t tap the tesla charger, your car charging will not start. That’s why some people seriously think it is true. But actually, it is not true. The reason behind it is related to car battery heat or cooling.

Basically, the tesla car starts charging when the battery is at normal temperature. If a car battery has a high temperature or low temperature, it will not start charging until the battery comes to an ideal temperature.

If you have a tesla car and you have inserted a charger in the car and the car charging is not starting, don’t do anything after some time it will automatically start charging. Now, let’s talk about tesla car charging indicators and how to charge a tesla car.

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Steps to charge the tesla car:

Although, it is very easy to charge a tesla car. But still many people confuse during tesla car charging. Follow the below steps to charge your tesla car.

Open car charging port

It is one of the most important parts of the tesla car charging. There are many methods to open a tesla car charging port and all of those methods are mentioned below.

  1. The simplest method to open a charge port is that go near the charging port and press the bottom of that place. The charging port will automatically open. (tesla car should already be opened or you have a mobile with you)
  2. The second method is that open the touchscreen and go to the controls > to the charging menu > and then click on open the charge port button.
  3. The third method only works if you have a tesla key knob (tesla sells it separately). You have to press the trunk open button on the key knob for 2-3 seconds, it will automatically open the charge port.

Attach charger with car charge port and start charging

When you open the tesla car charge port, you will see a T logo which will glow in white color or light blue color. Basically, this is indicating that tesla’s car is ready for charging. Now, you have to insert the charger into the car charger port.

When you connect both things, the T in white color will convert into blue light and after some time it will start blinking in blue color (it is indicating the charger and charge port are connecting). After some time the blue light will convert into green blinking light (it is indicating that the charging has started).

The best thing about tesla car charging is that you can control the speed of the car charging by using the touchscreen. When the Tesla car is fully charged the blinking green will convert into solid green color (basically it will stop blinking). If the tesla car is locked, the T logo will not glow and you will not get your car charging real-time status.

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How to know if the charger is not fully connected or has any fault?

As above, we already told you about the T logo which appears near the charge port. If the car is unlocked, it will tell you the real-time charging status. This T logo also tells you about car charging faults. If a car charger and charge port are not connected perfectly, the T logo will glow in amber color.

If a car is charging at a low current, the T logo will glow in a blinking amber color. If a car charger or charge port has any fault or charging is stopped, the T logo will glow in red color.

Yes, the T logo is very helpful, if you know how to use it. We hope, in this article, we told you everything about tesla charging and you know that tapping a tesla charger will not do anything.