Amazon connected Car-Parts Shop with Local Dealers and Automakers!

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has launched a new OEM Automotive Parts Shop that aims to provide customers with a hassle-free shopping experience. The new shopping feature enables customers to find official OEM parts for most vehicle types, from cars, SUVs, and trucks to ATVs, motorcycles, and scooters using filters to narrow down search results.

Integration with Local Car Dealerships

One of the most significant advantages of Amazon’s new OEM Automotive Parts Shop is its collaboration with local car dealerships. The new feature allows Amazon to function as a middleman between customers searching for a specific auto part and local dealers who have that part in stock. This integration ensures that customers receive the exact part they need for their vehicle.

Amazon said the new Parts Shop displays “transparent price listings for each item, as well as detailed product and fitment information directly from manufacturers and sellers to ensure they are purchasing the right product.”

Sharing Clicking Habits with Local Dealers

Another benefit of the integration with local dealerships is the sharing of clicking habits between Amazon and the dealers. By sharing this data, local dealers can ensure that they stock the most in-demand parts. This feature saves customers time and effort by avoiding situations where they have to wait for a part to arrive from another location.

Expanded Product Line

Amazon has expanded its product line by offering hundreds of thousands of parts and accessories in connection with local car dealerships. This move enables Amazon to become a one-stop shop for all auto parts needs, providing customers with the convenience of finding the parts they need for their vehicles without hassle.

Discounts Offered by Selling Partners

Amazon’s collaboration with automakers means that selling partners, including dealerships, can offer discounts to both local and national customers. With a 5 percent coupon in hand, Amazon can now ship the filter to your door or to a nearby service provider listed right there on the product page. Other options include in-store, with same-day pickup available in some situations.

Amazon Garage

Amazon launched its Garage feature in 2006, allowing customers to enter their vehicle information and filter shopping results by their make and model. Amazon Garage also allows customers to reorder parts and track service recommendations. This personalized functionality encouraged Amazon to work with automakers to integrate their parts suppliers and local dealers on this updated Shop.

OEM Shop Improvements

Although the new OEM Automotive Parts Shop is a step in the right direction, there are still improvements to be made. For example, the brand list does not include some companies like Tesla and Mini. Nevertheless, Mini is still available under the BMW filter, with a separate Mini section currently promoted at the top of the screen.


Amazon’s new OEM Automotive Parts Shop is a game-changer in the auto parts industry. With its integration with local dealerships, sharing of clicking habits, expanded product line, and discounts offered by selling partners, Amazon provides customers with a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience.

Although there are improvements to be made, Amazon’s commitment to enhancing the overall selection available to customers online is a clear indication of its dedication to customer satisfaction.