How Much Is Car Insurance For a Ferrari? | Simple Guide!

Ferrari is a world-leading race car with a vast client base in race cars and road cars. Somehow the Ferrari car has become a status symbol globally within the elite class. With such an extensive client base, Ferrari’s price has gone skyrocketing in the past three decades. Whenever we discuss the cost of such celebrated cars, we must discuss How Much Is Car Insurance For A Ferrari? Car insurances for Ferrari depend upon their models and their performances. If you are the owner of the newest model, then the price for an insurance policy would also be high and vice versa.

Ferrari S.P manufactures Ferrari, based in Maranello, Italy. Mr. Ferrari had made it clear that his company would produce cars to compete in motorsports. His company built its first car in 1940, and in 1947, they had the first car under the name Ferrari.

How much is Car Insurance For A Ferrari?

Ferrari’s car insurance is a challenge because not even top US insurance companies give full coverage for this car. After paying for Ferrari, getting a reasonable insurance policy should be your priority. We should carefully read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and understand all the policy coverage areas.

On average, the prices for Ferrari models starts from about $2,15,000 to $3,29,000. The cheapest Ferrari model is Portofino which costs around $2,15,000. Its time to reach zero mph to sixty mph is about 3.5 seconds. The highest price of a Ferrari model was 1963’s Ferrari 250 GTO, which sold in 2013 with the tag of $52 million. Then again, in 2018, another same model of Ferrari 250 GTO was sold with the tag of $70.2 million.

Experts have said that most companies carrying such insurance policies are charging customers a fortune. Nowadays, such policies cover six months and an average of $5,325 for six months which is more precious and expensive than all other vehicles in the USA.

All expensive insurance policies for high-end models of Ferrari are because of their specific features. It includes reaching the standard top speed from 0~60 mph ( 0~97 km/h ), 2.0 seconds to 3.5 seconds with different models. Another feature of this car is the use of a new generation of turbocharged engines, and it produces low Co2 and gives more power to its V8 engine without changing the size of the machine.

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How to get Car Insurance for Ferrari?

In the United States of America, not every Insurance company gives insurance policies to supercars like Ferrari. The reason behind this is simple they can not afford the coverage of these expensive cars. Geico, Allstate, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual do not offer insurance policies for these kinds of supercars.

There are two types and sorts of insurance companies in the USA, selling insurance policies for Ferrari-like cars, and these two are Standard Insurers and Specialty Insurers. Their clients are those owners who have classic models or collectors models. Here I will explain the difference between these two insurers with the 2019 model of Ferrari Portofino convertible car.

Standard Insurers are charging their clients to ensure their Portofinos for a six-month plan with more than $12,250, and it costs their clients $2,041 per month. Standard Insurers usually take in clients with new models with high-performance Ferarri models.

Specialty insurers charge their clients for the same model are only $2,790, and these are because they only take in those clients who have classic or collector models. Their insurance policies fall under the Collectors Insurance Policies, which are cheap compared to all other car policies.

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Risks Involved For Car Insurance of Ferraris:

There are many risks involved in getting the right insurance policy for your Ferrari. Some of them are as under:

  1. Conditions

The overall conditions of Ferrari play an essential role in buying for their insurance policies. If the condition of your car is not up to date, it is not worthy of insurance companies’ approach. Best conditions include perfect body works, and different car systems should be working great. These systems include engines, breaks, and all internal mechanical systems. External outlook of the car like Paint, exterior parts like front and rear bumpers, headlights, grills in collectors car models, side mirrors, etc.

  1. The reputation of Insurer Company

The insurance company’s reputation plays a vital role because if a company’s name gets into any scandal, it will destroy its market among the competition. Usually public turns their eyes to side with that kind of company, and people lose their trust in those companies.

  1. Performance

The Ferrari is a sports car that competes with its rivals in Sports. Ferrari means high speed, reaching its top speed to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. If it is not getting that speed in that time, this car has malfunctioned and needs good repairs. Insurer company will not give its policy if they find out these low performances, and even if they allow it, they will probably decrease its insurance policy.

  1. Long Times For Claims

When an unexpected situation occurs and falls under claim coverage, the insurer will take a long to accept the claims. It is natural that when so much significant amount is involved, everyone makes sure that everything is in order.

  1. Value of Car

It is one of the most critical risk factors that should work out thoroughly, should calculate the value of cars like Ferrari at least three times before signing the contract. If you purchase your dream vehicle in used condition, its value will not equal newer models. It might have other problems too, and all of these decrease the value of your car.


If you buy an expensive sports car like The Ferrari, How  Much Is Car Insurance For A Ferrari Should come. Then it should be your priority to get the insurance for your vehicle as soon as possible because it will help you in any unexpected situation. Getting a Ferrari car insurance policy is problematic because it is skyrocketing expensive compared to all other cars in the USA.

The bottom line for one’s Ferrari car insurance is costly and will range from $2,041 to $12,250. It all largely depends on the owner’s car insurance claim records, driving history, financials, other assets, and marital status. Owners should go for their Ferraris Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy, including collisions insurance add-ons. Ferrari, itself is a symbol of prestigious status. So its car insurance policy will be more expensive than all other cars.

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