Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV to Offer All-Wheel Drive as Standard!

Mercedes-Benz is breaking the mold in the automotive industry by offering all-wheel drive as a standard option for its 2023 EQE SUV models. The rear-drive single-motor EQE350+ and the all-wheel-drive dual-motor EQE350 4Matic will both be priced the same, starting at $79,050 in base Premium guise. This pricing strategy also applies to the two higher trim levels—Exclusive and Pinnacle, which start at $81,150 and $84,750, respectively.

Identical Powertrains, Different Torque

Both the EQE350 powertrain configurations share the same 288 horsepower. However, the dual-motor EQE350 4Matic provides an additional 147 pound-feet of torque (564 versus 417). The extra torque may not have a significant impact on acceleration, as the AWD version’s zero-to-60-mph time is estimated to be only a tenth of a second quicker at 6.2 seconds. The EQE SUV’s official estimates of driving range with the added motor have not been released yet.

Pricing for the EQE Sedan and EQS Models

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan, EQS sedan, and EQS SUV all offer all-wheel drive as an option, but it comes at an additional cost. Opting for the dual-motor setup on the EQE sedan adds $3000, and all-wheel drive costs more on the EQS sedan and the EQS SUV.

EQE500 4Matic SUV Pricing

The EQE500 4Matic SUV only comes with dual electric motors and all-wheel drive as standard. The Premium trim starts at $90,650, while the EQE500 starts at $92,750. The fanciest trim, Pinnacle, starts at $96,350, approaching the six-figure mark.