Range Rovers: A Target for Professional Thieves!

In the UK’s capital, Range Rovers have become a popular choice for professional thieves. The keyless entry technology makes it easy for them to steal the car and sell it locally or abroad. Insurance companies have responded by raising premiums and, in some cases, refusing to insure Range Rovers at all.

Insurance Issues

Premiums for Range Rovers have doubled in some cases, and some insurance companies will not cover them at all. Autocar, a UK-based automotive publication, compared insurance quotes for a Range Rover and a Bentley Bentayga and found that the quotes for the Range Rover were double to triple the prices quoted for the Bentayga.

JLR’s Response

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is aware of the issue and is working on solutions. JLR representatives noted that they were developing advanced security features available via the company’s Remote app. Car and Driver (C/D) reached out to JLR for additional comment.

Historical Perspective

Interestingly, this is not JLR’s first experience with its vehicles being targeted by criminals. In the 1960s, Jaguar’s Mk II sedans were popular with getaway drivers due to their speed. In this case, the Range Rover itself is the ill-gotten gain.

Range Rover Thefts in the US

While the Ford F-150 is the most commonly stolen vehicle in the US, Range Rovers have periodically been targeted by thieves. Recently, six 2017-2021 model Land Rover products were stolen in Edmonton, Alberta.


If you own a Range Rover, it is advisable to invest in the best immobilizer and vehicle tracking technology available. Additionally, if you notice any suspicious activity, it is best to lock up your garage extra tight.