Can you put Gas in a Tesla? | Simple Guide!

In this modern world, there are 3 major types of cars. The first one is simple petrol/diesel cars, the second one is hybrid cars, and the third one is electric cars. In simple and hybrid cars, you can put gas. So, in this article we will tell you that can you put gas in a tesla because these cars are electric.

Can you put Gas in a Tesla?

The short answer is “No” you can’t put gas in a tesla. Because all tesla’s cars are electric that is why all these cars run on batteries. Now you might be thinking, hybrid cars also have batteries then how do people put gas in hybrid cars?

Basically, hybrid cars have engines and motors. Hybrid car engines run on gas and motors run on batteries. Hybrid cars have small batteries that can be used to run a car on limited miles. So, for long drives, people put gas in hybrid cars.

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But on the other hand, tesla cars are purely electric. And in the tesla cars, there is no engine. So, you can’t put gas in a tesla car. Now, you might want to know what happens if you put gas in a tesla. Don’t worry we will talk about it.

What happens if you put gas in a tesla?

We have already told you that you can’t put gas in a tesla car because all of the tesla cars are electric. And, in the electric cars there is no fuel tank. Many people think that they can put gas on that point which they use for car charging.

But, this is not true. If you will put gas on the charger point, it will damage your car charger plug point. There is a high chance that after putting gas on the charger plug point, you have to change or repair your tesla car charger plug.

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We recommend you that don’t put gas in a tesla, because it will harm your car. We know that you might have seen some videos on Youtube or TikTok where people are trying to put gas in a tesla car which looks funny because the owner of tesla cars don’t know how their cars work.

If you are the owner of a tesla car, please understand that your car doesn’t have an engine so don’t try to put gas in your car. We hope after reading this article, you don’t have any doubt about gas putting in a tesla car. If you like our article, please share it with your those friends and family that have tesla cars.