Why the car shakes when AC is on? | 7 Major Reasons

Car air conditioning problems are often annoying and nasty, particularly when the weather is hot. When the air conditioner is turned on, vehicles can start shaking at any time. When the air conditioner is turned on, your automobile may shake for various causes. 

Many vehicle drivers fault the car AC compressor for vehicle vibrations or Why the car shakes when ac is on, rattles when the air conditioner is andor the car overheats when the air conditioner is turned on. However, an AC compressor isn’t necessarily to blame for your car shaking when it’s idle a land; the air conditioner is turned on; there could be other faults in your vehicSuppose.

After reading this ar, if you’re experiencing vibrations in your vehicle for the first time or have experienced them previously, after reading this in that case, you’ll understand causes your car vibrates when you switch on the air conditioning and how to solve it.

A vehicle’s air conditioning system is a necessary component. We can’t picture an automobile without air conditioning. That is why your car’s air conditioner requires special attention. If you detect your car swaying or vibrating, don’t dismiss it since if the problem persists, it can damage your vehicle in the long term. 

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7 Reasons why car shakes when AC is on:

Faulty AC Compressor:

A car’s principal source of energy is the engine. As a result, whenever you switch on the air conditioning, the motor starts running the vehicle air control motor, which can drain the car AC compressors.

Before supplying the proper amount of refrigerant to the condenser, the AC compressors raise the refrigerant’s temperature through the compressor. As a result, if the AC compressors fail, it might put too much strain on the car engine, causing it to vibrate when the vehicle is idle, and the AC is turned on.

You must carefully study the automobile air conditioner’s elements to spot defective AC compressors that cause the car to vibrate when the air conditioner is turned on. Inspect for overpaying in your car’s engine air conditioning, as overcharging AC is not permitted in automobiles.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning has been overloaded, you should immediately reduce the freon. Preventing overcharged AC and broken AC compressors will allow you to prevent the car from swaying when the air conditioner is malfunctioning

Load on Engine:

Why the car shakes when ac is on is a really important factor to consider. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your vehicle or residence. The air conditioning systems are dependent on the compressors. The engine can be under a lot of pressure from the AC compressor. Whenever the temperature rises above 400 PSI, the AC compressors exert excessive pressure on the engine, causing your car to vibrate.

Whenever you switch on the air conditioner, if your vehicle’s engine is under constant pressure, other vehicle parts may be damaged or break down. Whenever you switch on the air conditioner, the stress on the engine vibrates your automobile, causing various component troubles.

Excessive motor pressure will also prevent your vehicle’s air conditioner from blowing cool air. Load-on-engine concerns can be avoided with proper vehicle maintenance.

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Defective Fuel Injector

The fuel injector is an important component of a car engine. The role of the fuel injector is to pour fuel into a vehicle engine using electronically controlled valves that open and close hundreds of times per second.

Whenever you switch on the air conditioner, the motor must work efficiently. Whenever your vehicle’s fuel injectors aren’t working properly, it strains the motor, and your vehicle will begin to shake when the air conditioner is turned on.

Even a defective fuel injector can cause your automobile to idle harshly whenever the air conditioner is turned on. Hase the fuel injector checked by a specialist when you take your automobile to the shop for maintenance?

Bad Spark Plugs

The spark plug provides energy to your engine by igniting a mixture of air and gasoline. Whenever the air conditioner is turned on, your vehicle’s motor may cause vibration due to damaged or worn spark plugs.

Your vehicle’s spark plug may have a problem if it can’t offer the engine’s ignition’s power or speed, particularly within the first power generation. In this instance, the spark plug will have to be replaced.

Broken or Worn out Engine Mounting

The motor mount is a critical component that secures your vehicle. The engine and transmissions of a car are bolted together, and the motor mounts retain them together and avoid any vibration.

Whenever you switch on the air conditioning in your automobile, you know that it puts a lot of strain on the motor and the engine mount. Damaged or worn-out engine mounts can’t withstand the load pressure, which is why your vehicle rattles whenever you put on the air conditioner.

 You can have many troubles with your car AC if you have a faulty motor mount; the most typical one is car AC clicking sounds to fix car engine mounting, you need to go to an auto repair shop, and you have to tell them your car vibrates when idle and AC is on; they will replace the engine mounting. In most cases, if your car jerks when ac is on for broken engine mounting, engine mounting needs to be replaced

Faulty Throttle Position Sensor

The purpose of a throttling location sensor (TPS) is to check a vehicle’s air intake. The throttle location sensor keeps track of how wide the throttle blade (or valve) may open, which is governed by when far down the acceleration pedal is pressed.

The throttle location sensors in the vehicle are unable to manage the RPM ( Revolutions per minute). As a result, if your automobile has a defective throttle positioning sensor and you switch on the air conditioner when it is malfunctioning, your RPMs will not remain consistent.

So, if you find this problem in your car, cars can shake when idling and the AC is on with unsteady RPMs. To just get away from vehicle shaking when the AC is on, you need to fix or repair the TPS sensor.

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Hoses are Loose or Disconnected

Hoses are the lowest structural element of the air conditioning system (Air conditioner), and they are constructed of flexible rubber.

Your vehicle’s hoses may be loose or separated from the engine mount for a variety of causes. When the hoses are separated from the mount, the vehicle shakes when the air conditioner is turned on.

So must adjust hoses that are slack or unconnected anytime you inspect them. If you see hoses detached, reconnect them to the mount and your BMW will no longer shake when the air conditioner is turned on.


In this article, we have discussed why the car shakes when ac is on. Many vehicle users ask Reddit questions regarding specific car models, such as why vehicles shake when the air conditioner is turned on in a Toyota Camry or why BMW vibrates when the air conditioner is turned on, however, the car shakes when the air conditioner is turned on concerns are the same for all automobiles.

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