Do Teslas have catalytic converters? | Simple Guide!

The catalytic converter is one of the best inventions in the automobile industry. Since the 1990s, it is used in ICE vehicles to reduce gas pollution which is generated by vehicles. So, people want to know that do teslas have catalytic converters.

Do Teslas have catalytic converters?

The simple answer is “NO”. All of the Tesla cars are electric. In electric vehicles, we don’t need any catalytic converters because it does not generate any toxic gas. There is no chemical reaction that happens in electric cars. Due to this, electric cars are called environmentally friendly.

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Are Tesla’s cars pollution free?

Due to no catalytic converters in tesla cars, many people want to know about the pollution that tesla cars are generating or whether there is no pollution. Yes, after the production, tesla cars themselves are not producing any pollution.

But, the production of electric/tesla cars produces much more pollution than the production of ICE (internal combustion engine) cars. Nowadays, electric companies use lithium and cobalt to make batteries for cars. For getting lithium and cobalt, companies do so much mining. During the mining, the company produces so much pollution.

According to some studies, if we compare the production of electric cars and ICE cars, the electric car production generates around 60% more toxic gas than the ICE cars production. So, when we get an electric car, it has already generated more pollution than the average ICE car. That’s why many people don’t like electric cars, because they think that electric cars are more toxic to the environment than ICE cars.

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According to our analyst, Yes if you bought an electric car for a short time, it is more toxic than ICE cars. Because after production an ICE car will take 10k+ miles to become as toxic as an electric car is toxic after production. But, in the long term, electric cars are more environmentally friendly than ICE cars. That’s why more countries are adopting electric cars.