How to Charge a Laptop in the Car? | Simple Guide!

Assume you’re leaving home for a weekend trip. Perhaps you’re attending a friend’s destination wedding, taking a family vacation to the beach, or going camping with your friends. You decided to take your laptop since you’d want to watch movies, do a little work, or enjoy a PC game during your free time. Because you’re out from home, a pc can make you feel at ease.

You realize you missed bringing your charging cable when you’re unpacking in your hotel room (or worse yet, you accidentally leave it in the airport power outlet). Your laptop is barely 10% charged, so you’ll have to make do without it for the duration of your vacation. That important correspondence to the boss will have to be postponed.

But hold on! It does not have to be this. You can recharge your pc without a regular laptop charger, believe it or not. It’s fairly simple, and if you’re a fellow twenty-first-century resident who feels forced to take your laptop with you whenever you go on the road, you should learn how to do it.

You may recharge your laptop in various methods while driving a vehicle. However, it’s important to remember that not all of these techniques are safe and successful.

Read on more to discuss how to charge a laptop in the car.

Use a Vehicle Laptop Adapter to Power your Laptop:

You may utilize a vehicle laptop adapter to power your laptop anytime you are in an automobile. Aside from the electrical socket, a car laptop adapter appears and functions similarly to a standard laptop charger. It enables you to plug your laptops into the tobacco lighter electrical outlet in your vehicle.

A car laptop adapter is often not too costly and is widely accessible in both store and virtual electronics retailers.

The procedures for charging your laptop with a vehicle laptop adapter are outlined below:

  • Pick a vehicle laptop adapter that meets your laptop’s charging socket properly. Or else, you risk harming your gadget.
  • When you wish to power your laptop, plug the adapter from either point to your laptop and the opposite end to the power outlet in your automobile.
  • Allow the laptop to recharge for as much as you like before removing the cable from both ports.

USB type A is a non-starter:

When you disconnect a wired keyboard or mouse, you’ll notice a rectangle shape connector at the tip of the cord; this is the metallic piece wired you enter into the computer. This is referred to as a Type-A connector.

This is the most popular USB connector, and you can safely assume that when someone says “USB,” they’re referring to USB Type-A. Your cell phone charger most likely contains a USB Type-A port as well. Unfortunately, while Type A can be used to charge smart gadgets, it cannot be used to charge your laptop.

Type A can transport a significant quantity of data, but it cannot send the massive amounts of electricity required to recharge your laptop battery. Type A simply cannot deliver adequate power.

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USB Type C is a powerful ally:

USB 3.1, on the other hand, introduces a new type of connector known as USB Type C, or “USB-C.” In comparison to Type A, USB-C has a more oval design. It’s built for high connection, which implies it can transmit significantly more power and at quicker speeds than Type-A.

How to charge a laptop with USB-C?

Whether your laptop has a USB-C port packed in, you may charge it with a USB-C cable – just make sure the cord has a plug adaptor. A USB-C cable is used as the basic charger on certain computers.

  • Connect one side of the USB-C cable to a wall outlet.
  • Connect the USB-C cable to your laptop on the opposite end.

That concludes our discussion. As long as you have a USB-C cable, it’s as simple as pie. But there’s a major drawback: what about if you don’t have accessibility to one? However, getting a USB-C cable is not as simple as getting a new laptop charger. And, especially if you’re stuck on a Caribbean island for that wedding event weekend, stopping by a laptop supply store can be impossible.

Plan ahead for options

However, when you’re in the marketplace for a fresh laptop, you should look for one with just one USB-C port. The USB-C connector is becoming increasingly common. It’s realistic to anticipate that almost all laptops will come with USB-C and that USB Type.

 A may be phased out entirely. The reason is that more individuals are expected to have USB-C cables in the upcoming, so you’ll have a higher chance of borrowing one if you lose yours on vacation. You’d have to locate someone who has the same laptop charger as you, which could be challenging.

How to charge your laptop with a power bank?

This is one of the easiest methods of how to charge a laptop in the car. Among the most simple way to charge your laptop is a power bank. A portable charger for your laptop is known as a power bank. Now, all you have to do is attach your laptops to the power bank. The nicest part of battery chargers is that they don’t require you to plug them into an outlet to charge your laptop.

Power banks are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Not all of them have the same charging capacity. A USB Type-A power bank can be used to charge computers that aren’t as strong. If you wish to recharge a much more powerful laptop, such as a mobile workstation, you’ll need a USB-C-based power bank. Many USB devices, such as your smartphone or tablet, can be charged using USB-C power banks.

The power bank would probably only be capable of charging your laptop battery once or twice, specifically if you’re recharging a more powerful laptop. It’s critical to remember to recharge it by plugging it into an outlet. You won’t be capable of charging your laptop with your power bank after it runs out of juice.

As a result, it’s advisable to save your power bank when you truly need it, except when you misplace your laptop charger. Carry your power bank in your laptop bag at all times.

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What to pack in your laptop travel backpack?

Feel the necessity to carry a laptop backpack with all the things you’ll need for a great tech-filled adventure while you’re away from the workplace when you’re on the run. What you need to put in it is as follows:

1:Put your laptop in first and foremost. Put your laptop in a laptop sleeve first; therefore, put the laptop cover in the backpack if you want to be extra cautious. You rarely know when the route will become difficult.

Therefore, you should take every precaution to secure your laptop. Note that your laptop likely contains many sensitive or valuable professional or personal information, such as work projects or family photos. Don’t take the chance of losing them.

2:A full battery power bank should be inserted. If at all possible, avoid using your power bank unless necessary. It should primarily be used in an emergency if your laptop’s power cord fails.

3:Ensure that you have a traveling adapter with you. If you’re traveling internationally, you might find yourself in a location where the plugs for your laptop aren’t suitable. A travel adaptor is a device that allows you to plug into a foreign outlet using interchangeable plugs.

4; Finally, bring a USB port hub. A USB port hub is an extremely helpful gadget to have when traveling with your laptop. Its main purpose is to increase the number of USB ports accessible on your laptop. A USB hub often has 4 to 7 extra USB ports, allowing you to conveniently attach all of your USB devices when you’re away from your home office’s structured workspace.

There are two types of port hubs: powered and unpowered. Powered port hubs are useful since they provide energy to your devices connected (rather than relying on your laptop for power).

 If you only have a small period of hours to recharge your USB devices, you can use a powered hub to recharge them all at once, and you won’t need a lot of outlets. SD card slots and USB-C connectors are available on several HP-powered hubs. Here’s where you can discover more about USB port hubs.

  • USB-C can be used to recharge your laptop.
  • In a car, use an adaptor to charge your laptop.
  • It can use a power bank to charge your laptop.


In this guide, we have discussed how to charge a laptop in the car. Isn’t it true that a car has electricity? And you may use the power it generates whether you’re on a long drive in your own vehicle or hiring a car when your airline lands. It’s really simple to use to charge your laptop.