How to Put a Car in Neutral without a Key? | Simple Guide!

Knowing how to place a vehicle in neutral without a key in the key section. It may still be essential to drive the vehicle if the car keys are missing or taken. Additionally, if an aging car is acquired only for components,

 it would not arrive with a key. Most individuals don’t know how to put their car in neutral without a key. Auto mechanics and tow truck operators commonly use the approach. Knowing how to drive a car without having keys could reduce time and frustration for local drivers.

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How to Put a Car in Neutral By Shift Lock?

Many people describe the feeling of losing control of their automobile. Its answer is as easy as shifting into neutral, yet it is inaccessible without a key. This article will teach you how to put a car in neutral without a key. Take a look at these instructions:

  • Identify the car’s shift locking switch. If you don’t see this part, look in the owner’s manual. Gently take off the lid with a flat face driver.
  • When you reach this portion of your machine, you will see a little tab. Press the tab downward with a small driver or a pin. Maintaining the tab, place the gear lever in neutral as you usually do.
  • Once you’re finished, ensure to reinstall the lid.

Block the car wheels

According to the Automatic Vehicle Maintenance site, failing to utilize wheel blocks or poorly positioning them might cause the vehicles to slide forward or backward when in neutral.

 If the car does not come to a halt quickly enough when it starts rolling, catastrophic damage can result. You’ll also need a flashlight to see well under the vehicle when you get under it.

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Locate the transmission under the car

It is an important factor to consider how to put a car in neutral without a key. Now you must get underneath the vehicle with a flash flashlight early underneath the vehicle. Ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are stopped and not running.

After you’ve gone under the car, you’ll need to find the transmission. The gear is usually mounted below the engines, level with the oil pan. Finding the transmission in the vehicle is a simple task. You’ll have no trouble finding it.

Disconnect the cable

You’ll need to use a flashlight to switch the transmission once you’ve found it under the car. A wire with a lever and switch runs around the gearbox. This wire can be found directly behind the transmission. You need to unplug that cord.

Push the lever

The gear change lever is hidden beneath what you see. And this is what you use to shift gears in your vehicle. After disconnecting the connection, pull the shift lever to the back of the automobile. Continue to push the lever until your vehicle sounds two clicking noises. You don’t have to press down so hard on the shift lever; you shouldn’t.

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Push the car

The lever finally comes out from beneath the vehicle after detaching the gearbox cable and pushing. To see if the method worked, gently move the car. Ensure that the car wheels are securely in place. Whenever you push the automobile from any side, it should move a little if this manual gear shifting trick is working.

And the automobile would be put in neutral without turning it on. The wheel blocks are being removed. If the treatment is successful, the automobile will move slightly into neutral. The car can be moved and transported to a different position once successfully put into neutral.


In this guide, we have discussed how to put a car in neutral without a key. Given that this technique is carried out when no one has access to the vehicle, the blocks must be properly placed. In this type of situation, braking the vehicle can be quite tough. There will almost certainly be a collision with another person or vehicle.