How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Tacoma? | Simple Guide!

In old days, car maintenance was done after driving some specific miles. For example, some cars wanted maintenance every 1000miles driving and some cars wanted maintenance at 500miles. But nowadays, many cars want maintenance after some specific days. It means whether you drive your car or not you have to still do car maintenance. If you do car maintenance without driving your car some 100miles, It is a very childish thing. So, in this article, we will tell you how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma.

How to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma?

If you have a car, you defiantly know about Odometer. Basically, if you want to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma, turn off your car and press and hold the Odo/Trip button and during holding this button you have to turn on your car and again turn off your car. This method will reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota Tacoma

  • New Toyota Tacoma

Currently, Toyota Company is offering the 3rd generation of Toyota Tacoma in the United Stated. This vehicle is available in 6 different variants. The SR variant is the base variant and it is also the cheapest variant of Toyota Tacoma in the United States. The TRD Pro is the most expensive variant of Tacoma and it is the most stylish and aggressive variant.

Most People in the USA think that Toyota Tacoma is the best-looking Mid-sized Pickup truck. The interior design of this vehicle is also very elegant and practical. This vehicle is largely famous for its off-roading capabilities, so let’s talk about its specs.

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Toyota Tacoma Specification

Toyota Tacoma comes with a 3.6 Liter V6(6 cylinders) engine. With this engine, the company is also offering a 6-speed manual transmission. With this engine and transmission, Toyota Tacoma can tow 6800 lbs or carry a payload of up to 1440 lbs.

Some Off-road features of the Toyota Tacoma:

  1. Electronically Locking Rear Differential
  2. Crawl Control
  3. Bilstein Shocks
  4. Multi-Terrain Select
  5. Hill Start Assist Control
  6. Multi-Terrain Monitor

Some Safety features of the Toyota Tacoma:

  1. Toyota Safety Sense P
  2. Pre Collision System
  3. Lane Departure Alert
  4. Automatic High beams
  5. Dynamic Radar Cruise control
  6. 8 Airbags
  7. VSC
  8. ABS
  9. EBD
  10. BA
  11. SST
  12. TRAC