The name of which Car company means “I Roll” in Latin?

You might hear many times that the whole world should have the same language. Because having different languages cause a communication barrier. Unfortunately, this is true. Every language has a different meaning of the same word. For example, one of the famous car brands has a very erotic (I Roll) meaning in Latin.

Now, you might want to know that “the name of which car company means “I Roll” in Latin?“. Don’t worry, in this article, we will tell you about it.

The name of which car company means “I Roll” in Latin?

You definitely heard about a car brand called “Volvo”. The most interesting fact about Volvo is, In Latin Volvo means “I Roll”. You might know the meaning of “I Roll”, if you don’t know, don’t worry we will tell you. Basically, I Roll is slang that is used when someone initiates sexual 😉 intercourse or foreplay.

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Volvo History

Volvo is a Swedish car brand. It was started on 14 April 1927. On 14 April 1927, Volvo company rolled out their first car. Basically, 2 Swedish friends (Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson) had started this car company. Before starting Volvo company, Assar Gabrielsson worked for Svenska Kullagerfabriken (SKF) (a bearing ball manufacturing company).

At that time, Volvo was under SKF. So, this was how Volvo company was started. According to Volvo company official documents, Because of Sweden’s good quality steel, Volvo was able to manufacture high-quality cars for Swedish people.

Volvo is a luxury brand like Mercedes. Volvo car company’s main focus was to make safer and premier cars for people. Due to car safety priority, Volvo is the first company how introduced first time 3 point seat belt in its cars in 1959. Volvo has an official patent of 3 points seat belts. Volvo first time had introduced 3 point seat belts in the PV 544 car model in 1959.

Yes, due to Volvo company, nowadays, every car has 3 points seat belts. According to Volvo company, due to the invention of 3 point seat belts, they have saved more than 1 million people’s lives in car accidents.

Volvo company also did many things for a child’s safety in a car. For example, In 1964, Volvo was the first company how tested the rear-facing child car seat in its PV 544 car. In 1976, Volvo also launched the world’s first-child booster seat. According to Volvo, due to these technologies, they have saved many young lives.

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In the United States, in 1944 Volvo got success, due to the PV 444 family car. In 1976, the United States government refers Volvo 240 for car safety benchmarks. Basically, the United States imported 24 Volvo cars and did crash tests.

Currently, Volvo is under Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Chinese). Zhejiang Geely Holding Group purchased Volvo company in 2010. Now, Volvo company is making many electric vehicles to reduce global warming. In 2019, Volvo company introduced its first electric vehicle called Volvo XC40 Recharge. It is a mid-sized SUV.

We hope, this article helped you to understand Volvo company and you also got your answer. Yes, Volvo is a car brand that has the meaning of I Roll in Latin. Next time, if you see any Volvo car, you might laugh 😅 because you know its erotic meaning in Latin.

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