What is a Booster Seat? | Types of Booster Seats

In the early 1900, invented many new things for those who drive and ride in vehicles like cars, bikes, buses, vans, etc. In early 1930, child seats were developed, also known as a booster seat, but it was not invented for the safety of children, but it brings the children to a height so that parents may see them during the drive. Now we will discuss in detail What is a Booster Seat? And Types of Booster Seats. We will talk further about its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.

Booster Seat (Child Safety Seat):

A booster seat is specially designed for children to protect them from severe injuries while any road accident. There are many names of the booster seat, and we can also call the booster seat a child safety seat, baby seat, car restrain system. Car manufacturers only design seat belts in vehicles. Still, the parents who had their children wanted to protect them from injuries during any vehicle collision, so those parents specially designed and purchased booster seats and fit them in the car.

Types of Booster Seats

There are three main boosters seats, but the best type should be correctly used and keep your child restrained.

  • High Back Booster Seats
  • Combination Booster Seats
  • Backless Booster Seats

High Back Booster Seats:

High Back Booster Seats provide extra protection to your child as it has a shock-absorbing side wing on all sides of the neck and head. This high back booster seat has a seat belt that escorts the seat belt’s correct position, covering the shoulders, hips, and chest. If high rear booster seats are used accurately and adequately, it lowers the risk of injuries and reduces the risk of whiplash. A high back booster seat is the best choice for the children who want head support, whether young or small.

If your child is sleepy, then a high back booster seat gives them a headrest, and it has side wings that support them to lean anyways. Your child can easily sleep without any risk of sliding down as the belts around the chest, shoulders, and hips protect him from sliding down. If you choose the high back booster with a shoulder belt advisor, you must be assured that the belt should always be in the proper orientation, even if your child is enlarging.

Combination Booster Seats:

We can say that the combination booster seat is also a high back booster seat that provides increased protection to your child of removable five-point equipment. As long your child is under a five-point harness, they are safer in the time of any accident or crash.

Combination Booster Seat also allows you to remove the five-point equipment and turn it into a high-back belt locating structure. There are many convertible seats like the combination booster seats. The combination seats can lodge the small-scale children who have just gone out of their convertible seats but still want protection and safety of five-point equipment.

Combination booster seats are the best choice for them, you can also use this combination booster seat for multiple children to sit in the back seat, but a car cannot lodge more than three seats. A child’s safety needs to read the instructions to install a combination or booster seat, and they can also use this equipment system for an older or used car with lap belts only.

Backless Booster Seats:

A backless Booster Seat is a traditional type of booster seat that is a cushion made for children to sit on it and raises your child off the car seat, which provides a better and more comfortable seat belt position.

Some of the backless booster seats can be protected and secured with a LATCH system, and some of them sit on the vehicle’s seat. They can only use a backless booster seat in cars with headrests. This type of booster seat protects the child from head and neck injury; if you choose to use the backless booster seat, your child’s ears must be in line with the top of the car seat.

If we talk about its advantages, then a backless booster is lightweight, not much expensive, and compact. It is the best for those with multiple children, and it is also very suitable for smaller cars. It is preferred for older children as they appear ‘babyish’. These specialized cushions keep the seat belt in the correct position of the child’s body.

Note: No booster seat is best or protective until installed correctly. So it is necessary to read and follow the instructions carefully and understand them before installing any booster seat in your vehicle. If you cannot understand, ask someone expert to install the booster seat. If it is installed right, you may be able to protect your child from vehicle collisions.

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Which is the best Booster Seat?

There are too many different booster seats available, and it is challenging to choose or suggest which booster is the best and most protective one. Every child safety seat performs its function, but it is the most comfortable and protective if we decide to use a backless booster seat. It is the top-rated booster seat and designed so stylish, available in different colours and designs. It is one of the finest and best booster seats, which raises the child to a height for the seat belt. It is a cushioned seat for children aged 8-12, depending upon their size.

Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat

Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat
Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat


  • Brand: GRACO
  • Installation Type: Seat Belt
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 15 x 16 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.1 Pounds

Booster Seat is protectable at what age?

Today most people suffer and lose their lives during a road accident. Some lost their parents and close ones, and some lost their children. Every parent wants to protect their children; they search for many ways to protect their children. The parents who wish for the safety of their children while road collisions prefer to purchase a booster seat, as the baby seat is best for the children at the age of 1-13.

Seat Placement of Booster Seat:

Must place a booster seat in the middle of the back seat, forward-facing, with a lap and shoulder belt. You must be aware that the booster seat is fitted correctly or in the correct position so that you can save your child from injuries during any road accident. The center position is the most protected and the least used position to fit the booster seat.

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Avoid and understand common ways when using or purchasing booster seats:

Let us discuss the common mistakes everyone makes while installing the booster seat, which they should be aware of them;

Must know the history of Booster Seat before installing:

First of all, you must know the history of booster seats. Follow and read the instructions correctly, check the manufacture date label, and check the model number. Ensure that no part would be missing or damaged; also, check that is there any severe or single crash on it. It should not be expired. If you don’t know the history of the booster seat, then avoid using it.

Avoid placing the Booster Seat in the wrong position:

The best and the safest place to fit the booster seat is the center place of the back seat. It lowers the possibility of injuries in case of a crash. Fit the booster seat in the correct position so that a child could also be protected from the airbag.

Hooking up your child and avoid installing the incorrect Booster Seat:

Before fitting the booster seat, read the instructions carefully. Ensure that must steadfastly secure the baby seat, not allowing the movement. Face your child in the correct position and also grasp at the bottom. Leave a gap of about 1 inch just for a bit of bit movement. Also, place the straps over your child’s shoulder and hook them properly. If you think small rolled blankets are necessary, you can place them beside your child’s head and neck support.

Incorrect use of Booster Seat:

A booster seat must use a booster seat with a lap and shoulder belt. Place the lap belt beyond your child’s thighs and place the shoulder belt over the chest and shoulders of your child. You must know the accurate utilization of a booster seat. Avoid its incorrect use and follow the instructions to protect your children from severe injury or vehicle collision.

Remove the heavy outwear:

Remove the heavy outwear of your child as it can prevent securing your child. Fasten the lap and shoulder belt securely with light outwear. After that, you can cover your child with a blanket and warm them.

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When to use Booster Seat?

In every short or long-distance journey, you must use a booster seat for your child’s safety. No one knows when the collision or any crash happens or at what time you could face the accident. So, every parent’s priority is protecting their children as a booster seat escorts the child to a height, making it easy for the driver to see the child quickly. When you bulk up the strap, you must also make sure that the child cannot unlock it, risk crashing. So always be aware of when and how to use a booster seat.


Not a single parent wants to put their child’s life in danger, and whether the item is expensive or inexpensive, they want the security of their children. Daily, we hear about thousands of road accidents that scare us and want to protect our children. That’s why we discussed in detail about that What is Booster Seat? And Types of Booster Seats, which will help us know what the child safety seats are, and by choosing which type of booster seat, we can protect our children’s lives and lower the risk of any crash or injury.

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