Toyota SUV that looks like a Jeep!

There is no doubt, the jeep has one of the best SUV designs. But, do you know that there are many SUVs in the world that have a similar design to the jeep? For example, Toyota has an SUV called Fj Cruiser that looks like a jeep. Let’s talk about how the FJ cruiser come and how many generations it has.

The Birth of the FJ Land Cruiser:

  • Toyota Fj Cruiser

In 1950, Toyota received purchase orders to supply a large number of compact four-wheel-drive trucks to the US military. Toyota dubbed its newest prototype the Toyota Jeep, but with its B-type engine, the vehicle was more commonly known by its shorthand name, the Toyota BJ. In 1955, the vehicle was rebranded to the FJ Land Cruiser, and the second generation of the Land Cruiser—the 20 Series—was introduced.

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The 40 Series:

The popular 40 series was launched in 1960 and enjoyed a long production life. Built mainly as a two-door model, its classic styling and solid build made the 40 series one of the most popular lines in Land Cruiser history. Toyota announced the end of its nearly 14-year run in 1983 and stopped building the landmark vehicle the following year.

The 60 Series and 70 Series:

Next up were the 60 Series and the 70 Series. North America got the 60 series, with its gasoline engines, but the 70 series was deemed a bit too spartan and utilitarian for the U.S. market.

The FJ Cruiser:

In 2007, the company introduced the FJ Cruiser, a rugged though comfortable SUV. Inspired by the FJ40’s popular design, the car was built using certain components from a Land Cruiser model called the Prado.

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The Economic Downturn:

The unprecedented economic downturn of 2008 had an enormous impact on the automotive sector, which saw new vehicle sales fall by nearly 40 percent. The FJ Cruiser, which had enjoyed a good production run from 2005 to 2014, saw its sales plummet to such a degree that the company could not continue production.

GradeFJ Cruiser
Model typeCBA-GSJ15W-GKASK
Curb mass(kg)1940
Engine code1GR-FE
Engine typeV6-cylinder, DOHC
Max. output kW(PS)/r.p.m.203/276/5600
fj cruiser