Do Teslas have spare Tires? | Simple Guide!

With the passage of time, the popularity of tesla cars is increasing all over the world. That’s why people are very curious about tesla cars and people have many questions about tesla cars. One of those questions is that do teslas have spare tires.

Do Teslas have spare tires?

The short answer is “NO” Tesla doesn’t have spare tires. Now, you might want to know why Tesla cars don’t have spare tires because most cars come with spare tires. Let’s talk about its reasons.

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4 Reasons for no spare tires in tesla cars:

There are 4 major reasons for no spare tires in tesla cars.

  1. The first reason is “Research”. According to some research, most people don’t ever use spare tires in their cars. That’s why many car companies don’t offer spare tires in their cars.
  2. The second reason is “Car space and Weight”. There is a high chance that the tesla company wants to make their car more spacious and less weighted, and Tesla cars are electric so the weight of a car plays a major role in car performance and mileage. This is one of the major reasons for no spare tires in tesla cars.
  3. The third reason is “Tesla’s Roadside Assistance policy”. Whenever someone buys a tesla car then tesla offers free 4 years or 50,000 miles roadside assistance policy. This policy includes flat tire assistance. Tesla company also offers free towing services up to 500 miles.
  4. The 4th reason is the “Tire Repair Kit”. Nowadays, people can use tire repair kits to repair their car’s tires without removing them from their cars. So, might be, this is the reason for the no spare tires in tesla cars. You can buy tesla’s tire repair kit from tesla’s online store for a few dollars.

Can you put a spare tire in a tesla car?

Yes, you can put a spare tire in the tesla car. Unfortunately, no tesla car model comes with a spare tesla car. But, you can buy a tire from the market and use that tire in your tesla car as a spare tire. Tesla cars don’t have any special place for putting a spare tire. You have to put a spare tire on the tesla car trunk which sometimes looks very ugly.

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So, we recommend you, buy a tire repair kit instead of a spare tire. It will cover less space from a trunk and also it is a cheaper option. We tried our best to tell you why tesla cars don’t have any spare tires. If you have liked our article, please share it with your friends and family who have tesla cars.