How Much Is Car Insurance For A Mustang? | Simple Guide!

Here is a question that How Much Is Car Insurance For A Mustang? This question is not very difficult because this sportscar is not that much expensive for an average US citizen, and the standard car insurance for Mustang is around about $1520 per annum. The cheapest car insurance for Mustang in the USA starts from $1298 annually by USAA, which costs an American about $108 per month.

How much is car insurance for a Mustang?

The Ford Mustang, more commonly known as just “Mustang,” is an American-based Sportscar that is a successful sportscar of the world. It has been produced continuously since 1964, and Mustang is a sports car which easily affordable for any US citizen. The 2020 model for Mustang with a four-cylinder engine roughly starts from $26,500 to $28,200, and the Mustang GT model, which has a more powerful V8 engine, has the price tag of $35,630.

Car Insurances for Ford Mustang:

We discuss car markets for the United States of America. If we have to calculate the overall prices for car insurance of an American-based company, it’s continuously one of the most successful models. Mustangs can be affordable, according to the average financials of an ordinary man, and the prices for Mustangs are not very high like other sportscars. As we know, the price range of Lamborghini is relatively high, i.e., its standard model costs around $200,000. Its car insurance policy with standard model starts from $5,000.

Car insurance policies for non-luxurious sportscars like Mustangs, most of the time, are insured against the Comprehensive car insurance plans because the auto theft rate against Mustangs is high in some states compared to others.

Car insurance companies in the USA provide their services with reasonable financial schemes. Some provide low-price plans, and some deliver with high packages. The program depends on the overall condition of the Mustang, like Is it a newer model or old one, is it well maintained? Also, insurance companies check the public records for the owner. Especially their traffic fines history because it will help them to understand all pros and cons of the upcoming deal with you.

There is another essential factor in the Mustang insurance policies, which the customers directly cause. It is all about the age of the owner of Mustang. Younger drivers in their 20s have to pay more for their Mustang insurance policies than drivers in their 30s to 40s.

For example, a car driver with 40s pays $1,600 annually for his Mustang, and a driver within his 20s will pay around $6,400. The reason for this gap is the low experience of young people. They have ordinary road senses. Young drivers can save their money if they use the option to add their car insurance policy with their parent’s policy.

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Mustang Car Insurance Policies By Companies:

Many companies provide customized car insurance policies. Some are famous for delivering cheaper policies, and some have expensive policies for Mustangs. These insurance policies roughly start from $108 to $134 per month. Every company has its insurance policy plans to offer. Some offer their customers simple terms and conditions, and some with tough ones. It all depends upon the owners of Mustangs. They have to decide which company offers them the most suitable car insurance plan.

  1. The United States Automobile Assocciation (USAA)

For some years, this group has offered its customers the cheapest Mustang insurance policies. It provides $108 per month insurance, and annually it costs the policyholders roughly $1,298.

A study shows that USAA prefers to take in customers in their 30s or 40s. These drivers are well experienced on roads, and they know how to maintain their Mustangs reasonably.

  1. The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO)

This Insurance company offers a Mustang policy for $113 per month, which costs the customer around $1,359 per annum.

  1. State Farm

This insurance company offers the policies for $132 per month and costs the customers $1,582 annually.

  1. Nationwide

This company offers expensive insurance policies for Mustang compared to all the companies mentioned above. Their price for an annual subscription is around $1,610, which means about $134 per month. Nationwide offers plans for vehicles and used, or new ones have different options.

It would be best to remember that all insurance policies fall under Comprehensive Insurance Policies. This policy includes every incident from storms to riot damages, fire to floods except the collisions.

Risks For Mustang Car Insurances:

Like any other business or contract, there are many risks for both sides of the policy. If we are not careful regarding these risks, we will face unexpected situations where resolving our issues would be a headache. Some of those risks are as under.

  1. Right Value of Mustang

We must know the correct value of our car. The car’s value is raised by its newest model, engine capacities, shape, parts, and external conditions, including headlights, paints, wheel rims, wheels, etc. If you have an old model car, you should carefully check all these items mentioned earlier because the insurance company will also prevent them thoroughly. If they review them and find they are not as you have said, they would not sell the plan to you.

  1. Financials

Financials are essential because with paying the monthly payments, Owners afford them easily. If they have a burden of other expenses, it would be possible to stop making payments in the future. It will not only affects the policyholder as well as the insurance company will have multiple issues.

  1. Garage Facility

It plays a vital role for both sides of the insurance policy. If an owner parks his Mustang in a closed garage, it will help him buy a better insurance policy. Used & old Mustangs usually park outside the garages. It all depends upon the area of the city.

  1. Drivers Demography

Driver’s demography is critical. It is the only factor that will decide the fate of the car insurance policies. Demography includes drivers’ traffic-related fines, Accidents ratio, Driving records, overall road sense, owner financial conditions, their marital status, Driver’s age, sex, etc.

  1. Age Of Drivers

Many insurance companies do not issue insurance policies to younger drivers in the USA. Typically, 18 years old person is allowed to drive his car on the roads of freeways. Young drivers do not have good experiences for this reason. If they want insurance policies, they get them but with a higher rate of policies.

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Is Mustang Insurance Policy is expensive?

Ford Mustangs are nonluxury sportscars as compared to many other sports cars. But their average pricing is low, resulting in low insurance policy rates. These rates are affordable for most American citizens with no such burdens on their financials, and even younger age can easily afford these rates.

Compared to Supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini or Maclaren, which have exorbitant prices. These vehicles have insurance policies with the highest rate of about $5,500 to $8,000 annually. At the same time, Mustang’s standard models have the rate of $1,298 to the newest model with a maximum of $1,610 per annum.


If you buy a Mustang, then the price of the latest model would be around $35,000. How Much Is Car Insurance For A Mustang? the average model of a Mustang insurance policy starts from $1,298 per annum to a maximum of $1,610 per annum. An American citizen can afford to pay $108 for the standard car with a four-cylinder engine.

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