What Does L Mean on a Car? (Automatic Gear Shifts)

Although, automatic gear shifts are so old. The first automatic car mass production was started in 1939. But still many people don’t know about the modes of automatic transmissions. It happens because the automatic transmission has many different modes. So, today, in the article, we will tell you about what does l mean on a car?

L mode is not very common in automatic cars. It usually comes in high ends cars. That’s why most people don’t know about this mode. Most automatic cars come with 4 basic modes.

Some basic modes in automatic gear shift:

Some common automatic gear shift modes:

  • N
  • P
  • D
  • R
  • +

If you ever drive an automatic car, you might know about the above automatic gear shift modes (automatic transmission). Because almost every car comes with these modes. Now let’s talk about what does l mean in a car?

What does L mean on a car?

You might be heard by many manual car lovers that automatic cars run slow. So, car companies want to happy these people. So they had added L mode in the automatic gear shift. L stands for Lower in automatic cars. Most automatic car comes with L, L2, L3 modes. Let’s talk about below, what do these modes do.

What does L or L1 mean in a car?

If you have an l mode in your car and if you shift your car in this mode, this mode will shift your car in 1st gear. Some cars have L mode and some cars have L1, both use to shift cars in first gear and make sure the car will not change its gear. No matter, how much you push your car’s gas paddle, the car will never change its gear. Instead of increasing car speed, this mode helps to produce more torque in your car.

What does L2 mean in a car?

Some automatic cars have this l2 mode. This mode is used to shift cars in 2nd gear. Like L1, L2 shifts the car in 2nd gear and makes sure the car will not change its gear. Companies are made this mode to make those people happy, who want to use automatic cars for racing.

What does L3 mean in a car?

Some automatic cars have this l3 mode. This mode is used to shift cars in 3rd gear. Like L1 and L2, L3 shifts the car in 3rd gear and makes sure the car will not change its gear. These l modes are specially made to make those people happy, who feel lag during gear shift in automatic cars. Many people use l, l2, l3 mode to drive an automatic car like manual.

How L mode plays important in automatic cars?

We all know that an automatic car has some rules for changing its gear. But sometimes, people want to stay in the same gear. So, l mode help at that time. Other than this, now, let’s talk about 2 main situations, where l mode can help you.

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Helps to Push Heavy load

If you are a car lover, you might know that vehicles have 2 main terms which decide the speed of a vehicle, and how much weight can a car push. The first one is Horsepower, more horsepower means the car can run faster. The second term is Torque, More torque means the car can push more weight. That’s why trucks have more torque than cars.

So, when someone shifts the car in L mode. L mode shifts the car in 1st gear, which helps the car to produce more torque. So, more torque means the car can push more weight. So, basically, l mode helps your car to run with more weight.

Helps in Hilly areas

In hilly areas, manual car drivers prefer to drive cars in 1st gear, because the car runs well in 1st gear in hilly areas. So, L mode helps automatic car drivers to drive an auto car in hilly areas smoothly.


We hope this article helps you to understand the main meaning of L on a car, and why you should use L mode in your automatic car. By using l mode, you can run your car with more weight. We hope, after using L in your auto car, you will give us praying.

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