How To Take Pictures of Car for Insurance? | Simple Guide!

In many countries, it is required for car owners to buy car insurance policies by their respective laws. It will help them financially if they get into accident situations and claim their car insurance. Here comes the question, How To Take Pictures of car for Insurance? Involved drivers need unedited photos of their vehicles for their records and the insurance companies. You need to take pictures of your accident car from every angle. Take some shots with and without using flash.

How To Take Pictures Of Car For Insurance?

We all need to know how to take pictures of our car for car insurance claims. It is not like that many people used to take their casual photographs. In the aftermath of the car accident, if it is possible for the driver. He should take his cell phone camera out and start to take photos of his car and keep in mind that he needs photographs with many details that will expose the true nature of the accident.

He should take three steps back from his car and then take a shot with a much wider angle. Try to take a photo when the sun is behind the lens, so the car’s surface has better lighting for pictures. If it is dark hours, turn on the flash. In photos, he exposes details as much as he can. Details like nearby speed Limit traffic signs, any tires skid marks on the toad, scattered pieces of the head or brake light, front or rear bumpers. These details will help you get a satisfactory amount of claims.

Car Insurance Photo Inspection

The insurance company will ask you for a photo inspection when you start car insurance claims. You should clearly understand car insurance photo inspection, why it is crucial in car insurance policies, and how they play a role in your car insurance policies. When you try to buy the car insurance plan, the insurance company sends their inspector to make a detailed report on the said car’s current conditions, and they need to know the condition of your vehicle.

  1. Photos For Pre Insurance Inspection

Before signing the insurance policy contract with the client, the insurance company sends his inspector to take the vehicle pictures. These pictures include all sorts of information like Internal and external condition of the said car, car systems including engine, wheels, etc. The company inspector also records the vehicle identification number, chassis number, engine number, and odometer numbers will record all these photos in your car insurance file. In case of any accident in the future, the company will compare this information with the car’s claim.

  1. Photos for Car Accident Claim Inspection

After the accident, insurance companies send their inspector to take photos of your car to help you start the claim process. Ask your company-approved car repair shop for an estimate of the entire repair cost. After submitting their inspector’s report, they will pay you the claim per terms and conditions.

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Tips For Taking Insurance Pictures:

Most people do not know how to improve their chances of claims of car insurance policies. Many factors are involved here, but I will explain some of the best tips for using your smartphone camera or any other digital camera to shoot cars with an accident and their damages in this article. All of these tips will increase your chances of getting better claims.


It is essential for you to always turn on the timestamp for your smartphone or your digital camera. It will help you immensely when you take pictures of the accident scene. If you have forgotten to turn this feature on, it will create problems for your claim from your car insurance company and other driver’s insurer. They can argue that there are no timestamps on your photos. How can we ensure that we took these photos on the accident scene?

Turn Flash On

Before snapping the pictures on an accident scene, you must make sure your smartphone or digital camera settings show the flashlight. This feature will help the photographer take good-quality pictures, and a flash will take the shot in dark hours if it is a cloudy day, evening, or night.

Wide Angles

When you take the shots of the accidental car, please take two steps back and take such an angle through which the camera lens covers the much wider area of the accident car. These wide-range angles should include important nearby features in the picture’s background like traffic signboards, nearby buildings, etc. These photos will surely help explain the insurance companies which is at fault.

Take Photos of Weather and Visibility

Weather and visibility on the road play an essential role in road accidents. If your photos have clearly shown the weather like a cloudy day, it was raining, clear day. There was an immense fog on the road; the visibility of eyes was too low. All these can be taken through your camera on-scene photos, which will clear the situation and help you satisfy the insurance companies.

Take Photos of Damage of Both Vehicles

You must carefully take all necessary photos of the vehicles involved in the accident with their number plates and also model information. After these, please take perfect shots of pictures of internal and external damages on both cars. These photos will also help you with the claim from the insurance company.

Take Photos for Skid Marks

While taking pictures of the area, please take photos of any nearby traffic signboard with speed limits. These photos should also include any skid marks on the road, and any scattered debris of car parts like bumps, break light pieces, side mirrors, etc. All these photos will help you argue that the other driver was overspeeding the limit and had lost control of the steering wheel.

Take Photos of Injured

One phototype is vital while taking photos for the car insurance policy claim. These are the photos of injuries of you, passengers, or any surrounding nearby pedestrian. These photos will tell the severity of the accident, and they will ease the process for your claim.

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If you suffer or are involved in an accident, it is vital to take photos of your surroundings, nearby traffic signs, on-road skid marks of tires. But all of this comes after if you know How To Take Pictures of Car of Insurance? To prove that the other driver is the one who is responsible for such a horrible accident, these pictures will fall under the evidence for your rightful claim of an insurance policy. We must understand the importance of taking these pictures after an accident. In case the at-fault driver escapes from the scene. Your photos can help the authorities to arrest the culprit.

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